About The Author

I’m Tony…Christian, realtor with Keller Williams Seven Hills Realty, son, brother, and working through life as best I know how.

Many years ago, I felt like I had this tool in my belt that I had never really examined.  This tool was putting thoughts and emotions into words that I could capture like a photograph with emotions…and I found that it affected me.

What I hadn’t fully understood is that it affects others around me too.  Today is day 1 of this blog and I showed “What are you doing here?”  to a buddy of mine (CP) that I was working on….I had been working on it for over a month and I just honestly wanted to see if he thought it was done.  He tearfully said it was….and that it spoke to him.

I forgot that God gave me something…and that something needed to be shared because it might help others.  We all have gifts…if we choose to ONLY use them on ourselves, then I question whether you understand why you were given it.

I may really suck at this…but if it helps me process, plus help one other person, then so be it.


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